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Our library of Christian books is nearly ready for you to enjoy. Please fill out a membership application to become a library member if you wish to issue out books when we open it up. Below is our library catalogue where you can search authors, titles or keywords to see if we have a book that you are looking for.

All Library members are responsible for the care of our Library. It is only when we all take on ownership and look after it that it will be able to continue to run smoothly.

We have been gifted and acquired many of our books over the years which is such a blessing. However, it also means that many of our books we have not been able to read first and there may be books on our shelves that are not 100% doctrinally sound. We ask as library members that if you come across something in a book that you are unsure about or think is not biblical that you take it to one of our leaders. From there the leader will investigate it and inform the librarian. They will also get back to you about it. 

Our library will be a great place to read Christian books, study individually and as groups.

Library Application
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