Injury of More Than a Decade Miraculously Healed!

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Last Sunday night, the 25th of November, we were so blessed to have Pastor Grant Huggins of Potter’s House Lismore preach for us. His timely message about restoration, “The Super Sub” surely gave us encouragement and hope that our God, the Super Sub is always able to restore our lives.

During the altar call, Pastor Huggins offered to pray for those who have been suffering an injury because of an accident or disease. Many people responded to get prayer and as always, God showed up, worked miracles and many got healed, glory to God!

One of the brothers, Koro Sam Hohua, got prayer for an old injury. He recounts on September 2001 he was stabbed in the arm causing damage to his nerves which stopped his fingers from fully functioning. This has been causing him so much grief since then, in fact, a few months ago he was to get that arm amputated, glory to God that didn’t happen. He says every winter he goes through serious pain, but after getting prayer that night, God had restored life in his nerves. He got miraculously healed, praise God for His grace! The pain from the nerve in his arm was gone and he could fully move his fingers properly which he hadn't been able to do for more than a decade.

Koro Sam has been buzzing, he has been excited telling people of his miracle. We, too, should tell others about God, our “Super Sub”, His power to save, heal and restore, and the miracles that He has done in our lives.


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