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New Website - Same Vision

No doubt you will have noticed that we have made big changes to our website this month. The changes will keep rolling out as our media team works to update everyone through new methods.

We also now have a church instagram account, so that you can see events coming up as well as what we are up to in the Hamilton church right now. You can click here to check that out.

However, even with all these new changes our vision remains the same, evangelism, discipleship and church planting. New media and design may change the 'look' of our website, but it has not changed the heart of our website which is to reach out to the people in our community.

I encourage you to use this website, it is created here for you and direct others to it so that they can see who we are at the Potter's House Christian Church and how to find us.

The Potter's House Church is here in Hamilton for you.

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