MOM is a group for Christian mothers to meet to get ideas, plans and encouragement for raising or ‘training’ our children in the way they should go. We will meet once a month with a theme for the month. Our meetings are not lessons where we tell mothers how to parent or what they should or should not be doing. Each meeting we will discuss as a group ideas of 
how we can implement the months theme in our children’s life. We will also look at how last month went, sharing our success stories and our not so successful stories, so that we can all help each other and grow as mothers in Christ.


The bible says: Train up a child in the way they should go and promises us that if we do this the child will not depart from these ways. Train, comes from the Hebrew word ‘chanak’ and means to train, dedicate, discipline or narrow. Training doesn’t just ‘happen’ it takes careful planning and following up.


Who can join?
If you are a mother or you are married and are preparing to be a 
mother you are welcome to join MOM.

What should we bring?
- Bring something to write in and a pen
- Bring some biscuits/cake etc. for coffee and tea
- If you have an example of a resource you used with your child the
   previous month, please bring this so that others can see it


What if I dont have any ideas to share?
Please come along anyway. Someone else might share an idea that
would be perfect for your child, or while we are discussing ideas, you may think of an idea to contribute.

What if my child is a different age to others’ children?
It doesn’t matter if your child is older or younger than others in the group, we can think together as a group of how we could modify ideas to suit a variety of ages.

Who is running this group?
Huia Yongo and Trish Terry will be facilitating the group. However, as it is a discussion/ideas group, they will just be helping to ensure the conversations are on track and that we cover what we need to. They will not be ‘teaching’ we will all learn from each other as we go along.