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Prison Ministry

On Sunday the 6th of August we had the privilege to conduct our first prison service in Springhill Prison. Without Jesus we are all prisoners to our sin, which is why we are always seeking to take Jesus to the lost. However, the men in these cells are not only prisoners to their sin, but prisoners of the state. While we cannot free them from their physical bonds, we have the opportunity to introduce them to Jesus that they may be free from their spiritual bonds.

Before entering the prisons our church was running a 'Brothers Ministry' which was church services for those who were unable to attend normal church service due to requirements put on the men by the court system when being reintegrated into society from imprisonment. These services were a success and many men heard about Jesus and made the decision to accept him into their lives. It was such a great privilege to be working with these men and showing them the hope that comes from God in what may have seemed to them as hopeless situations. The Brother's Ministry opened doors for our church to be able to go minister inside the prisons.

Our Men went in and along with other volunteers from other churches were assigned an area to preach. There were two services held with twenty inmates per service.

The first session we took dominion and did what we do well, praised and worshiped Jesus. We held a regular service with praise and worship songs and the men joined in clapping and singing. God as always was faithful and turned up meeting us and the prisoners there. For the message we shared our testimonies of what God had done in our lives. With our volunteers coming from backgrounds that were relatable to the prisoners it was a great opportunity to show them how much God could change a life like theirs.

The second group of twenty men who came through sat arms crossed and did not seem as open as the first group. However, once we shared our testimonies of how God changed our lives the men approached us thanking us for sharing with them.

Another thing that was encouraging, was that the manager who oversees the volunteers came in afterwards and commented on how he thought we had done a great job. He said how many came in on Sundays and did bible studies, but it was great to see a group come in and actually do a church service which is what Sunday is all about.

There is a lot of potential in the prisons. There are many souls that God wants to save and change their lives. Yes, some come to the sessions to waste time or because they are curious, but there are also those who are coming because they genuinely want to see what God can do in their lives - and the 'time wasters,'

they may think they are just wasting time, but God's word does not come back void and He has a plan for them and is working on their hearts too.

God has opened up such a great opportunity for us and while not everyone can come with us into the prisons, everyone can support this ministry in prayer. Please pray for doors to continue to open, hearts to soften, lives to be transformed and souls won to the Lord. Help us set free the captives by interceeding for them in prayer.

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