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Help Others Find Us

Have you visited or do you attend The Potter's House Christian Church in Hamilton? A couple of minutes of your time could help reach out to others through your experience.

So how can you help?

You can help others find us by writing your experiences and views of our church.

When someone is looking for a church to attend whether it is because they have just moved into town or they are on holiday here in Hamilton, they often want to know how others have found that church. That's where you can step in.

We want to know how you found the Potter's House Church Hamilton. When writing your experiences you could consider the following things to help you write

  • What were you looking for when you came to The Potter's House Church? - Did you find what you were looking for?

  • Did you feel welcomed?

  • Do you feel you were fed spiritually?

  • Is this a church in which you can grow as a Christian?

  • Is the Bible important to this church?

  • Does the church care about the individual souls of those who attend?

  • Is this a church where a family can have Christian fellowship and relationships?

  • Is this a church where you will be held accountable?

  • Is this a church in which you can serve?

You do not need to write about the things listed above, they're merely a tool to help you think about your experiences.

The review does not need to be long, in fact a couple of sentences is all they need to be.

Where to write it?

  • You can add your thoughts to our Google My Business page (here)

  • Tell the yellow pages about your experiences (here) and receive 3 fly buys points!!

  • We would also like to hear from you on our Google+ site, follow us (here. You need to be signed into your google account/gmail)

  • We have a Yelp listing. However, they recommend not asking for reviews as they want people to review when they actually feel like reviewing. Yelp also say they have software to detect reviews not caused by actual experience so... keep Yelp in mind and IF after visiting us again the experience is memorable and you wish to can do so (here)

One way to share your experiences is by considering a variety of different aspects of your visit (like the ideas above) and put a different aspect on different review sites.

If you agree with other people's reviews don't forget to like them.

We are so grateful to all who take the time to complete these reviews for us.

What other ways can I help?

We have an instagram account which you can follow (here). By commenting and sharing posts from our website and instagram you can help others who follow you to see who we are and where we are located. Below each blog post is a scoial media bar which makes it simple to share on mediums such as Pinterest and Google+.

Another way you can help people to find us is the old fashion way - go tell someone about Jesus, invite someone out to a church service or event.

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