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Impacting Papakura

On the weekend we were back on impact. This time the destination - Papakura. All impacts require God to turn up in order for them to be fruitful, but on this one in particular we needed God to move quickly. This impact was advertised as the testimony of Rangi Pou getting deliverance from methamphetamine.

Problem? Rangi Pou was severely sick in the days leading up to the impact. Man flu or real flu? I must confess this did pass my mind, but was told on good authority that he was losing a lot of fluids and even went to hospital on the Friday. The Papakura church had been preparing for this event and had already invited many out to come. We either needed to get someone else who had been addicted to meth to step up (surprisingly there are a couple to choose from) or we needed God to move miraculously.

Thankfully, we don't serve Buddah or any other idol that would leave us hanging. Thankfully, we DO serve a God of miracles and He DID turn up! God strengthened Rangi and miraculously took him from the hospital to the pulpit in less than 24hours.

Together we hit Papakura with, prayer, music, testimonies and preaching. Throughout the day many heard the word of God and the message of hope. We had visitors come out to the concert and saw nine people give their lives to the Lord.

That's nine souls delivered from the enemies grasp that can now call heaven their home. What a great God we have.

Please continue to pray for these new Christians as they begin to build their relationships with Jesus and continue to pray that we will all continue to make impact on this nation.

If you live in Auckland near Papakura click here for location details to find this great church.

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