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Word of the Week: Bless

Bless you, what a blessing, I am so blessed, God bless your day... We use these terms daily as Christians but what does it mean to bless?

The Collins dictionary gives several good definitions: to consecrate, to give honour or glory, call upon God to protect, to worship or adore God, to grant happiness, health, prosperity. What is interesting is that even in these secular definitions the word bless is always in context with God.

The Hebrew word for bless is barak and the Strongs concordance defines it as to bless, kneel, praise or thank.

The first mention of barak in the Bible is directed towards the animals God created and the second pertaining to mankind can be found in Genesis 1:28. In this verse It talks of how God blessed man and stated four aspects of this blessing,

  1. Fruitfulness

  2. Multiplication

  3. Replenishment

  4. Subduement

  5. Dominion

This blessing came without man doing anything to deserve it, but was simply endowed on the crown of God's creation. Our God is a great God who throughout the bible chooses to bless mankind with unmerited favour.

Although God graciously offers to bless, it is often up to us to receive and walk in the blessing. When God blessed Abraham with a future inheritance and lineage, He required Abraham to step out into the blessing and follow Him in order to receive it. This included leaving his homeland, family and possessions and journeying to a place he had not been before. It also included Abraham waiting on God's timing. Sometimes we can hear or see the blessings offered to us in God's word but fail to receive them, making us frustrated and lose faith. However, the reason for not seeing the fruit of the blessings offered is that we often haven't chosen them by walking in the blessing. Instead many times we are just looking at them, gazing longingly but not actively picking them up. Everyone loves to receive, but I think one of the most important elements of barak is found in Deuteronomy 8:10 which talks of how we can bless God. This verse talks of remembering God when you are satisfied and experience good times and bless Him. We bless God by praising, adoring and thanking Him. Is there any blessing greater than being able to give something back to our creator and saviour of our soul?

When you use the word bless, what percentage of the time are you referring to man blessing God?

God is good and he blesses His people, but let His people be a people that bless Him back.

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