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Word of the Week: Clave

The word of the week is clave. Clave is an old expression used in the King James Version of the bible. Sometimes we can look at these old expressions and think they are redundant and not applicable to us, looking for the modern equivalent. However, some of these old fashion words say things in a more descriptive way than our modern language can.

Clave is the past tense form of the word cleave. The oxford dictionary defines the word cleave as to stick fast to, adhere strongly to (a particular pursuit or belief), or to become very strongly involved with or emotionally attached to.

In Hebrew the word clave is dabaq. The strong's concordance describes dabaq as to cling to, stick to, stick with, stay close to, join to, pursue hard, abide, or to adhere to.

The first ever mention of this word dabaq is in Genesis 2:24 when it describes marriage. Here clave means something that modern equivalents such as 'cling' or 'hold fast to' do not point to and that is to 'become one with,' in this case speaking about man and wife.

When I think of the word clave I think of a sermon illustration used some time ago. It was a story of a father taking his young child for an injection. When the nurse was about to administer the injection the child clung or 'clave' to his father. The father was the one who brought the child to the doctors, so the child could have been angry and lashed out at the father, but because the child knew that his father had his best interests at heart he clave to him, even through the pain.

In 2 Kings 18:5-6 it speaks of Hezekiah and how there was no other king of Judah like him, before or after him. This is a pretty powerful statement as when we think of great kings people like David and Solomon tend to jump to our mind, yet the bible says here that none trusted in God like Hezekiah did. The bible verse goes on to say how he showed that trust "For he clave to the Lord." Hezekiah was the king who trusted God the most because he clave to him. Like the child in the illustration through good and bad times he clung on because he knew that his God was for him and was just and faithful.

To clave is more than to have hope in someone/something, it is to cling so tightly that just like in the Genesis depiction of the word clave we are one with that person/thing.

Do you trust God as Hezekiah did? Do you trust Him like the little boy getting his injection?

Or when things are rough and trials are pressing on you, do you hit your father away and blame Him?

Do you know, do you truly know in your inner man, that all things work together for your good if you love and trust God?

What can you do to ensure you cleave to God always in good and bad times? Will God be able to write of you like Hezekiah that you clave to the Lord? Pray about this word 'clave' and ask God what you can do to cleave unto Him.

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Sep 18, 2019

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