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Connect Through Music

Tonight we had an amazing night filled of music, laughter and fellowship. Our CONNECT night tonight took the form of a jam session/workshop/fellowship. There was something for everyone.

We were encouraged to bring instruments we may have at home that we would like to jam with or wish to learn. The guitars flooded in, but we also saw some keen keyboardists and budding drummers. Pretty soon instrument groups were forming and people were playing, learning and having fun.

There were even activities for our children. Aaron hooked up a mic for our young ones to have a shot at vocals and Tina set up the prayer room with giant lego blocks, colouring pages and small activities for children who wished to be apart of that.

People who had never played an instrument before got to try their hand at something new and everyone had a good time fellowshipping with one another.

If you did not get the opportunity to come to tonight's CONNECT, be sure to check out the calendar for our next activity.

CONNECT activities range from music/jam sessions such as tonight's one to sports nights, board games and even dinner. It is a great place to come as a family and connect with other Christians.

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