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God Still Provides

Have you ever been so stretched that you didn't know how you would pay that surprise bill that popped up, or unexpected circumstances meant that you didn't have enough? God wants to meet you in those moments, He is just waiting for you to believe Him for provision, instead of believing your circumstances or what you see with your eyes. Tonight Jefferson and Maia gave God praise for His provision that He gave to both of their families. Jefferson's job contract at his work lapsed, and he had not been re-entered into the payroll. When it came time to be paid he received no wages. At that time Jefferson received some two month old mail from his previous address. One of the letters was from his previous job. After being audited they found that they had under paid some workers and the letter stated that he was one of them. Was it a coincidence that the letter turned up in his time of need? No. There are no coincidences with God. He is our provider and He works all things for our good. Maia spoke of how she and her husband had bills that they just couldn't cover. Knowing that they couldn't meet what they owed they went to God in prayer saying, "God we need hundreds." They prayed and asked God, not knowing how God would bring what they needed. Not long after they received an email from IRD. In the email IRD wrote of how they were going to pay them some money from the previous financial year. God didn't just answer their prayer for that specific need though, in fact they received five times the amount they had asked God for. God wants to bless us, but He is waiting for us to truly put our faith in Him. When we are faithful to Him, especially with our finances, we can call on Him in times of need and He will provide.

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