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Impacting Wellington City

This weekend the Hamilton Potter's House Church sent an impact team into Wellington (our baby church). Impact teams are there to do just what the name suggests, create impact. The snowy cold weather tried to hinder the impact, but with the saints on fire for God all barriers melted away. Before the impact on Thursday weather storms and warnings hit the country and many of the roads closed up. On Thursday it looked as though we would have to go through New Plymouth adding hours to the trip as the other roads were closed. However, on the Friday God opened up the national park road so that the trip wouldn't have to be as long. Aaron Tanoa compared the roads on the way to Wellington to God parting the Red Sea. When the impact teams passed through there was snow piled up high on either side, but the roads were clear making it a safe trip in what could have been dangerous conditions. It was clear from the outset that God's hand was on the trip. The Saturday morning was fantastic. Everyone was excited about what God would do in the city. The Hamilton Church were joined by a team from our new Hastings church. Together with the local Wellington saints everyone hit the streets, telling people about Jesus, street preaching, singing songs and even door knocking. We also had a few young teens that came on impact which was very encouraging for them and the other saints. Through the outreach alone many heard the gospel and Wellington was impacted.  

The event held at night was based on Rangi Pou's testimony of how God delivered him from drugs. It was called 'Meth till Death.' His testimony illustrated the true devastation caused by drugs and the complete bondage that they have upon users. With His transformed life, he was able to glorify God for a deliverance and turn around that only a miraculous God could achieve. Believing big, as we all want to do, Rangi expressed how he had expected more visitors and souls won to Christ. He said that after thinking about this that God brought to his remembrance something he had read about war; most wars are not won in one battle. The success in war is the success of a campaign. He came to the conclusion that we would need to send another impact team, and another and another, and another church until the campaign is finished. Pastor McGrath reminded us that Wellington is the gate to our nation. It is our capital city and the seat of our government. 

Impact was made both in Wellington and in the lives of those who laboured, but the job is not done yet. 

How can we continue the campaign for Wellington when we are back in Hamilton? 


Keep Wellington and the Wellington church in your prayers. We will return for another convoy to Wellington, but in the mean time, do not underestimate the impact of prayer!

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